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1975 - 1985

In 1975 our Ladybur Cooperative was formed and no sooner than a year later, refurbishment of the estate had started. By 1980, all of the initial internal improvements had been completed and we made a start on the landscaping of the estate.

Old picture of Ladybur estate

1985 - 1990

After the landscaping had been completed, we had an inverted roof put on all blocks. We were really starting to see the transformation at this point. Then in 1990 we started the cyclical redecoration programme, redecorating one block per year.

Ladybur landscaping

1991 – 1995

To brighten up the outside area, in 1991, we had new garden beds built and the year after we published our first newsletter! There was lots of action in 1994 where we installed the barrier gates at the estate entrance and double glazed all doors and windows.

Ladybur house garden

1996 – 1999

Throughout this period, we were getting technical. Satellite TV was installed to all flats, CCTV was installed throughout the estate, door entry alarms had been fitted and by 1999, we were ready for Cable TV to be installed. For security, a metal fence was also put up around the estate.

View of the houses

2000 - 2004

Exciting times at the beginning of the millennium when we purchased the freehold of the estate and adjacent derelict land from the local authority. Ladybur House and Wells court were built and the lovely front gardens you see today, were created for ground floor flats.


2005 – 2008

In 2005, our first set of new boilers installed and at the same time we saw the beginning of the new pitched roof conversion, taking a year to complete. The estate common areas were tarmacked and in 2008 our partnership with Homes for Haringey was set up.

Photo of carpark

2009 - 2016

All radiators and heating pipework were replaced and lighting was upgraded to all common parts. By 2014 the estate electrics had been tested, which enabled us to fit new fuse boards to all properties. A few years later saw the replacement of the PVC windows and doors, including fire doors.

Side view of housing

2017 - 2022

To brighten our surroundings, the wonderful wall murals were painted by artist Alessandra Tortone and the common lighting was upgraded to LED. In 2019, we started the sizeable task of installing new kitchens and bathrooms. We are never complacent, so we also saw the introduction of a new hot water system and our EV chargers project began!

Painted flower on fence

In the Present Day

As you will see, here at the Ladybur Estate, we are constantly upgrading and updating our buildings and communal areas for the comfort and safety of our residents.

Street view of Ladybur
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